Last modified: 27. January 2022

We all went to the university once!  

No matter how much time we have spent at the University - 2, 3, 5 or 8 years - we consider ourselves to be alumni of the institution from the time we obtain our diploma until the end of our lives, and this is how the documents kept in the archives show us. This is a defining and important era that means a lifelong bond for both the University and its graduates.

Today, when in the Hungarian higher education everything is new, I find it extremely important that the Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences should reach out to its alumni society. The Alma Mater must take the first step to connect with its old students and never let go of the new graduates. It should not be just a figure of speech to say we always welcome them back, let us really belong to one community!

The University began its work in February 2021 under a new name, in the form of a foundation, appreciating the traditions of its legal predecessors. I am convinced that we can expand our social contacts most effectively with the help and participation of the alumni. We can work together in many areas, we can help each other. Theoretical and practical education, dual training is unthinkable without the involvement of the experience of our graduates, but we also expect their participation in the evaluation of the dissertations.

Life has often brought in the past that members of our professional communities have become colleagues during their working decades, whether they graduated in Gödöllő - where I was a university student myself - in Budapest, Gyöngyös, Keszthely, Kaposvár or Szarvas. As a university with five campuses covering almost the entire territory of the country, MATE now offers the opportunity to do so during the years of undergraduate education.

The new MATE alumni program, which I encourage everyone to join, aims to help organize group and class meetings, as well as support networking among graduates, current students, teaching-staff and employers. The University and its graduates are also able to follow the development of their professional careers, as well as the educational, research and practical work of the alma mater.

We want as many of our former students as possible to “come home” to reconnect with their school.

Prof. Dr. Csaba Gyuricza